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  My name is Melissa Daum and I'm a psychodynamic therapist trained in Jungian and psychoanalytic theory and technique. My clinical work at an eating disorder partial hospitalization program in Manhattan has given me specialized experience working with individuals who suffer from eating disorders, though I am open to a broad spectrum of clients. I work particularly well with artists and those in creative industries, as I have a background in fine art myself. 


  Together, we will try to understand the source of your current suffering. We may discover, for example, that you are working with a set of outdated beliefs from an earlier time in your life. These old assumptions might have led you to experience doubts in love, blocks in your creative life, even a crisis of faith or identity. Or perhaps your current addictions and fixations have created a whole new set of problems that are further complicating your life. 

  Our therapy sessions will be a special, private space and time in which you can be assured of comfort, discretion, and the freedom to speak about anything you like, however seemingly trivial or unusual. I will  listen for the patterns, obstructions, themes, and blind spots that emerge in what you say, as well as what you avoid. I am particularly interested in how your dreams may provide vital information about what is occurring outside your awareness.

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