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Individual therapy is my first love in this work. I think of therapy like sculpting: chiseling away at the hardened exterior and inviting the soft clay underneath to reveal itself. With my attunement and guidance, our work will delve into past and present experiences, dreams, and even aspects of our therapeutic relationship itself.  This process aims to enhance your sense of clarity, realize your ambitions through innate talents, and deepen your capacity to feel joy and connectedness. 


My approach to couples therapy is both pragmatic and introspective. I’m interested in each of you as individuals, and I seek to understand how your perspectives are intertwined and might impose expectations on one another. We'll explore your histories and hopes for the future, aiming to identify potential areas for adjustment in your patterns of interaction. Engaging in couples therapy can be an invigorating journey of self-discovery, made all the more special by undertaking it in the presence of your partner.


In a consulting capacity, my aim is to provide focused, expedient solutions to your pressing dilemmas. With a straightforward approach, I offer suggestions, advice, and clear recommendations. I strive to rapidly understand the cause of the stress-inducing situation, and collaborate with you not merely to resolve the issue at hand, but also to broaden your ability to navigate similar challenges in the future.


I welcome opportunities to provide supervision and case consultation for fellow therapists. Whether it's a one-off consultation or a more consistent collaboration, supervision can serve as a springboard to discover unexpected inroads when the work feels stuck or unclear. My approach is fueled by creativity and instinct, yet is deeply rooted in psychoanalysis, self psychology, and Jungian theory. I work closely with your clinical instincts and voice, and aim to identify interventions that resonate with your therapeutic style and comfort.
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