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A Group for Working with Dreams and Unconscious Process in Psychotherapy
In his paper, “Ego Distortion in Terms of True and False Self,” D.W. Winnicott (1960) introduces the concept of the spontaneous gesture: the impulses and expressions of the infant that emanate from its omnipotence and interiority, which the good-enough caretaker meets and to some extent translates. One way to imagine clinical work is to consider the ways the Self had to comply with the limitations of the caretakers, inhibiting the spontaneous gesture at best, and at worst, compliance to such an extreme degree, leading to a life of falseness and alienation. In dreams we have an opportunity to meet this spontaneous gesture in one of its most raw forms, but what to do with it is another story. This group/course will allow us to play with the language of dreams, following the contributions of Freud, Jung, and more contemporary thinkers, to help us learn to speak the language of the unconscious, and give our clients another chance at their own spontaneous gesture.
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